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Text Align In Data Table

Currently all of the contents  in a Data Table are aligned on the left side and there is no provision available to set the Text Alignment of the contents of each of columns of Data Table. It would be very beneficial to have the text align property for the Contents of Data Table too, as sometimes it is unacceptable for clients to have their data left-aligned in Data Table and causes great inconvenience to Power Apps Developers.


Thank you.

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Absolutely! The only alternative for an aesthetic solution is to build a data table using a gallery which is very time consuming!

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Thanks for bringing this idea. This is required as my below data table alignment does not look good.




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@sbeckles has an elegant solution:


I wanted to right align my number columns and I searched online only to find out that there isn't a solution out there.  However, I came up with a way to right align a data table column. It it is not elegant but it worked. You can use the text property to format your values. Here is the formula that I used:

Right(Substitute("xxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "x", Char(127)) & Text(ThisItem.YourColumnName, "#,###,0.00"), 14)


In this case, I wanted a numeric column to be right aligned within 14 characters. So I packed a non printable character in front of the numbers up to a length of 14. A space didn't work because only one is displayed.  I checked the ASCII table for another character that would be repeated but not shown and came up with ASCII code 127 (DEL).

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Hey @Dunc,

where do you put your formula in? My Datatable and Columns do not have a text property. Or am I missing something?


Datatable properties:



Column properties:




Im desperately trying to right align some numbers from an excel table. Thank you for helping.

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Hi @supperz 


After adding the table to the PowerApp, click on the column you want to format, and usually by default it will show the Text property for that field.



Then just create a formula that fits the available space.




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Hi @Dunc,

thank you so much for responding.

I just noticed that in your tree view, your Columns have a "column"-icon next to them. Mine have a question mark. I was having the issue, that if I add a column to the datatable, the "data"-view on the right would infinitely show the spinner icon.


If I close the project and reopen it, the column is loaded and I can add more, but as I said, it will just show the question mark next to the name. If I add another column, the loading spinner will show up again, until I repeat the necessary steps (closing the project and add the next column). I guess, the column are not fully added, which results in not having the needed properties for the columns.


Here on the bottom left you can see the question mark next to the column name, on the right side the never ending loading spinner:



Any ideas? I tried changing browser, cleared cookies and everything, but it seems to be related to the excel file/table itself?


Thank you!