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Text Input Control - auto height property required

At the moment if you have a text input control set to multiline, there is no easy way to make the text input box grow and shrink in height to accomodate the text entered. All that happens if you enter more text is that a scrollbar appears.  What is required is a "AutoHeight" property.


I think this is a fundamental requirement for a form.

Status: Under Review

Truly appreciate workaround provided by @mr-dang. Also adding @FilipK to comment on roadmap feasibility.


Thank you,


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Bump.... This is relatively important feature when designing automated processes.

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Like many really useful small updates to PowerApps, MS seems to focus on other things like portals, CDS, model driven apps etc.

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Bump, this is clearly something that's needed and still hasn't been addressed!


Bump.... since the workaround doesn’t work when you have a input textbox and an auto height label on a flexible height gallery... the auto Height label keeps the text of the first input text when you change the datasource of the flexible Height gallery.

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BUMP BUMP BUMP .. come on Microsoft, get the UX improved!

It's 2021!

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Update Please!!

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This is crucial functionality for us, please add to the roadmap as soon as possible.