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Text Input Control - auto height property required

At the moment if you have a text input control set to multiline, there is no easy way to make the text input box grow and shrink in height to accomodate the text entered. All that happens if you enter more text is that a scrollbar appears.  What is required is a "AutoHeight" property.


I think this is a fundamental requirement for a form.

Status: Under Review

Truly appreciate workaround provided by @mr-dang. Also adding @FilipK to comment on roadmap feasibility.


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Quick suggestion while this feature is in under review: take a look at the workaround provided by @mr-dang . It should work for most of the cases.

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I'm sorry but this is just ridiculous at this point, such an obviously needed feature has been "under review" for FOUR YEARS now. That's nearly half a decade, the product life will be over by time they finally review this. And the most frustrating part is that you could already do all these things in the old systems like infopath and now we've been forced onto a new platform that is less intuitive and supports far fewer features. It feels like a downgrade....Microsoft needs to get their **bleep** together, because it's inexcusable at this point.

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Yes this is the point! No silly workarounds should be needed. The UX needs drastically improving if they are going to force us to use this system. Lots of very simple fixes go ignored for years.


It just frustrates and annoys the userbase to the point that we will go elsewhere eventually - if another company can improve on these shortcomings. It's like they don't care, aren't there Microsoft team managers checking these posts and getting their staff to fix these long term issues??


I think the user community could fix a lot of the problems ourselves rather than rely on the PowerApps devs if it came down to it.

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This and LOTS of annoying bugs are ignored for literally years. Many of them seem trivial to fix. From the top of my head:

- Forms have an unsaved flag bug.

- SharePoint yes/no fields needs workarounds to filter.

- Galleries. Setting default item is bugged if datasource is filtered. 

- Canvas grid. Not editable, sortable, filterable. No aligning of columns. A disgrace of a control.

- Excel export (canvas). Must use ridiculous workarounds with Flow etc.


There are lots more, just browse the ideas forum, 

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I visited this page a couple of years ago when my need for auto height on textinputs first came about & was disappointed that this was not an already implemented feature back then - let alone now!


Whilst the workaround that has been provided could potentially satisfy certain requirements its probably would not for a vast majority of situations out there (especially as the workaround fails when you make the label visible property false...


Can a meaningful update actually be provided for the status of this request? 

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I found solution. May be someone else did already, but in any case let me share. 

My task was to set the TextInput control's height property to automatic depending on a size of multiline text.

So the formula counts number of Char(10) instances (Enter) and multiplies by 25. Where used 25 to fit 1 line with a font size 16 of my text. Worked for me well.


(Len(Self.Text)- Len(Substitute(Self.Text, Char(10),""))) * 25 + 25