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The list of flows within the editor should support scrollwheel

My team's environment currently has 23 flows.

When editing a PowerApp, the list of flows only shows about 11½ of these.  Of course, the flow I need is not one of the 11½ displayed.

It'd be great if the list of flows had a scrollwheel and a search box.

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I definitely agree, it's a bit ridiculous this list is limited, the list appears a little random to the user.


Aa search box would be my prefered feature, since my list of flows will eventually be cumbersome.  For now I'm having to zoom out in the browser to see more but eventually I will not be able to access ones I need.



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Here is the solution until MS change the web page style sheet on their servers...

  1. Have your flows panel visible.
  2. Open the developer tools in your browser (F12/CTRL+SHIFT+I for firefox).
  3. In the page source, search for "task-pane".
  4. In the style editor, scroll down to find the class ".react-ko-host task-pane, #control.." and modify its "overflow" property value to "scroll".
  5. You should now see "overflow: scroll" and have a vertical scrollbar for your flows 🙂
  6. If you don't want the bottom scroll bar to be visible, rename "overflow" to "overflow-y", ie "overflow-y: scroll".

The scroll bars should exist for the current tab as long as you don't refresh the page.


Apologies for not posting a screenshot with the instructions, but the page wouldn't allow me to surprise, surprise!