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There is a bug in the RoundUp and RoundDown functions.

When using the RoundUp and RoundDown functions, some numbers containing decimal points will not function correctly.


For example, in the case of :


- In the case of RoundUp(0.00807,5), the original behavior assumes "0.00807", but the result is "0.00808".

- In the case of RoundDown(0.00802,5), the result will be "0.00801", while the original behavior assumes "0.00802".


Currently, since we don't know under which condition the bug occurs in the RoundUp and RoundDown functions, we are displaying the results of both acquisitions, but it takes time and effort to check which is the accurate result, which reduces operational efficiency.


We want to output accurate information to the Power Apps application, so we would like you to fix it so that it works as per MS DOCs.

Title : Round, RoundDown, and RoundUp functions in Power Apps

Status: New
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I was able to replicate this behavior 

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In my example I have the following test replicated:

Power Apps RoundUp Bug.png


RoundUp(66.15,2) should result in 66.15 because there is nothing to RoundUp. However as you see in my Power App there are numbers where it Rounds Up while there is no need for it... while in the exact same decimal used in other numbers:

Power Apps RoundUp Bug None.png

it behaves as it should...


I need this construction of two Contextual Variables because of additional business logic. Behavior should be the same though. Just adding to this post because may be related. I don't think that bugs should be listed as Idea's know but the more posts the better 👍