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Time Picker



DatePicker is excellent and perfect.

However, additional TimePicker will be an added value as we need to identify the exact access time by the user for traceability purposes in case of any incidence.

Status: Planned
Power Participant

Agree with the fact that DatePicker is good, but it could also be improved by having the option for weeks to start on a Monday instead of a Sunday.

Please vote for this idea here:

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
Advocate IV
Advocate IV

AM/PM use...easily configure timezones so the time will transfer to SharePoint correctly

Advocate IV

Also have a better all round use of dates and times. Having just a .utc is not really useful, which formats as a non locale full date and time(and at the moment gets it wrong), be better that each date and time could be easily either just that a date or just a time or both. And then each one could have the .utc tag. So say .shortdate.utc or .shorttime.utc. The output then also needs to conform with what is in the form, so shortdate does just that send only a shortdate value without any time, this should include custom formats.


equally the datepicker needs some improvements, it scales differently when say the month is November(which on. Phone or tablet makes the bottom of the date picker vanish) colour, font, and the size of the various arrows etc need optimising more for iPad/phone etc.

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Planned since three Years?!

Advocate II

When will this be released?