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Timer control in background

Is it possible for the timer control to continue working even when the app is not in the foreground?

it would be very useful


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 Just had the same issue on the web app, runs fine with the browser minimised but freezes when i switch to another tab.  


Would be great a function that allows timers to run in the background. 

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I would like to upvote this, but getting an error when i click the thumb. consider this my +1
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I used Audio control instead of Timer. It has all necessay properties as timer. e.g. OnEnd, Time(laps), loop, etc. You can use silent sound file as Media. In my case, I used  one minute long silent sound file and let it repeat as many as I needed.

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Hello to all.

I'm having the same issue.


Are there any developments on this subject? Two years have passed over this thread.


Thanks in advance.

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@papires  I've not had a requirement since I responded but I have noticed a new experimental feature that might be worth a go.  It can be found in advanced settings.  If I get a chance I will try and take a look but if you get there before me please post back in this thread 🙂 



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hello @jab365.

thanks, i'll take a look!

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just tried that setting made no difference 🙄 I did however set auto pause to false and this worked in the browser




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This I've tried in the browser as well and it works.

Somehow (and the app is to be run on mobile) it doesn't work.