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Toggle - Text alignment

Please add a align parameter where we can set the alignment off the true and false text. 


On the checkbox and other controls the text is aligned on the left next to the checkbox, where on the toggle control the text is aligned right. This is a strange choice because the visuals now looks strange when combined with other controls. See picture:



Offcourse I can make the width off the control smaller, but this doesn't work in cases that the true and false text has different lengths in characters. 


So please add a aligment parameter and set the default to align.Left. Or if faster just align the text off the control left by design, which I think is the normal behaviour we all expect.

Status: New
Advocate III

The only workaround I can think of is to calculate the width value based on the true/false text...


Width = If(<condidtion to set toggle true>, TrueWidth, FalseWidth)



I suppose you could remove all text from the toggle and just add a label whose value changes based on the toggle value.

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I understand the workaround, but prefer the PowerApps team change the design to align the text left by default. Still thanks for the comment. Greatings Paul
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@pyeethanks for the tip, dynamic width in function of the FalseText & TrueText string length works well!

Helper V

I struggled as well with the lack of options for the toggle control only having a property to show or hide the label (text). I'd like to see property options for that label text so that when it's true I can have a different color text to emphasise the choice. My workaround is setting the ShowLabel to false and adding in a label with conditions for both the text and the color properties based on the toggle being true or false.

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