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Tooltip customization

It would be nice to customize tooltips in PowerApps. Font, Font-size, colors, timeout etc. Currently the system tooltips are so tiny and disappears after 3 secs totally breaking the experience.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

I agree with JohnP.  It would be nice to have that feature and the ability to customize the Tooltip.  As of now I have to create a custom pop-up window to achive what the business is asking for.  

Level: Powered On

This is just what I wanted to do. I have an icon in my application and I really need to make it clear what the action is. The standard tooltip box is very generic and small and I am worried that people will not read or ignore it becasue it looks too generic.

Level: Powered On

Agreed. Also having to create large numbers of popups, which wouldnt be necessary if I could customise the tooltip