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Tooltip customization

It would be nice to customize tooltips in PowerApps. Font, Font-size, colors, timeout etc. Currently the system tooltips are so tiny and disappears after 3 secs totally breaking the experience.

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I am also just looking for some simple modifications to the existing Tooltips function, as those have described above (font size, colors, duration).  You guys took the time to build this initial basic functionality, so you must have also thought it was a useful feature.  It seems to make sense for this function to be updated, instead of having us developers make our own workaround for it.  Please move this up in your priority list.  Thanks



I'm trying to implement a tool tip in the dropdown list since some of the items are lengthy. 

But I'm unable to put the condition. 

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Even better, give us an OnHover event handler. 

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This idea is excellent.
I would add the ability to use HTML or a method to display data in tabular format and control part element for bold etc.

This would make tooltip become info cards with out drill down



Sales OrderCustomerShip Date
[Data from collection][Data from collection][Data from collection]
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I'm using gray background in a textinput where the tooltip is not visible

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Exaclty. Especially in model driven apps this is much needed.

The easiest thing that would fix my needs (and make tooltips actually usable..) would be to add a choice for "Tooltip font size" in the settings (Small-medium-large). And/Or make the tooltip size automatically scale with the UI and text on e.g. forms.