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Tooltip customization

It would be nice to customize tooltips in PowerApps. Font, Font-size, colors, timeout etc. Currently the system tooltips are so tiny and disappears after 3 secs totally breaking the experience.

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I agree with JohnP.  It would be nice to have that feature and the ability to customize the Tooltip.  As of now I have to create a custom pop-up window to achive what the business is asking for.  

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This is just what I wanted to do. I have an icon in my application and I really need to make it clear what the action is. The standard tooltip box is very generic and small and I am worried that people will not read or ignore it becasue it looks too generic.

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Agreed. Also having to create large numbers of popups, which wouldnt be necessary if I could customise the tooltip

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Hi,@BN1 ,


I read your comment on the tooltip popup.  Do you know of any changes to it since, like making it bigger?  How did you implement a custom popup window?  Did you just built it manually and grouping all the controls together?  And does your window popup when you hover on something or are you clicking on it to open it?  Thanks.

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+1 vote. Need to change the background color so the text stand out more.

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Sadly I didn’t find a solution and did as you said and just made OnClick change the visibility of items. Not sure there’s been any updates yet.

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Yes, and when to have the tooltip appear! For example, I made a 'Submit' button in my PowerApp, but I only want the tooltip instructions to appear on a condition (i.e. when the button is disabled).

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Would be awesome,  as was looking to use Tooltips for mouse over values, but they are so small and easily missed.  If could be at least controlled font size / format this would make them "useable".  Thanks in advance.

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Hi All, 


While I completely agree with customizable tooltips out of the box, here is a simple control that I created for tooltips which allows all customizations that are possible with text input controls. You can even control the time for which it shows up and whether to hide when a user clicks anywhere outside the control for which the tooltip exists. 


One more advantage is that out of the box tooltips only work when a user hovers the control which means they don't work on Mobile or any touch devices. These custom tooltips work on touch devices as well. 


Take a look at this sample app I have posted here on the community:


Let me know what you guys think. Feel free to give suggestions and feedback. 


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I definitely agree. I don't need an editor in the side panel, just being able to use Markdown or HTML tags to make things bold or italics would be enough, IMHO