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Translation Options for Connection Roles

Author Name: Tom Amerongen

For anyone working with multi-lingual implementations, the use of Connection Roles present a problem in that unlike field labels, picklist values etc, the Role value is a lookup and cannot be translated. To create separate role types for each language would make Adv Find and Reporting a challenge for users looking to query a single role, unless they know the translated values of the connection role they are looking for.

Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Under Review
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Thank you for your suggestion. As a workaround for a few languages in use, you might try simply concatenating the translations in the name (e.g. "Friend - Amigo"). We will consider this functionality for a future release. Best regards. Derik This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
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Please keep me also updated on this issue.