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Treat Pen Image the same as Photo Image - Save to Azure Blob Storage

Why is the pen image different from the photo image, it make NO sense.  I can easily upload my photos from PowerApps to Azure Blob storage using a simple Azure Function to remove & replace the header in the byte array, then push it to an Azure Blob Storage Account and life is good.  This however does not work for the Pen image, why can't i have access to the same type of data as i have with the photo?


I need a good way to take the signature that i just got from my customer, and upload it to Azure Blob Storage so i can use that image to super impose over the contract to generate a PDF - but without access to the same data as i have with the photo control, i can't make this happen.


Check out a few of my comments on this topic and let let know if you have any questions.


This shows how i am currently saving my photo image to Azure Blob storage:


Looking forward to a solution.


-Eric Niemiec



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An update on this issue:


The AzureBlobStorage.CreateFile() method does handle the image, pen image, camera photo and upload file correctly - this solved my problems getting images/files from these four different controls to my azure blob storage folders without using Flow or Functions - or web services.


check it out:

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The only thing that would make the azure blob storage connector better now would to be allow the account credentials to be passed in to the call rather than using either the credentials used in the editor when adding the connector - or the credentials used when the o365 user logs in for the first time (not really sure how this feature is supposed to work).


We have multiple companies using the app and really need to seperate the data in azure blob storage programatically and not have it based on information the user has when they first login with the account - which can change over time and coordinating changes like this with users is impossible.


Maybe i don't understand how the credentials really - really work in this case - but i can't provide magic account information to my user to change in PowerApps.