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Tree View Control

The idea is a new control called Tree View. The existing controls (different galleries, drop down lists) make it very difficult (or impossible) to work with hierarchical data structures. What we would like to have is a cascading tree view. You should be able to:

  • open and close cascading branches of the view
  • filter based on search term
  • select a node (or, if possible, sometimes multiple nodes)

I know that standard list view works to some extend here, but our hierarchy has 9000 items. It is very hard to select an item and somehow know that there are child items when using the existing controls.

Status: Under Review

@Gargoolgalagood point

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Please Please please!

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Hi Team, 


Could you please let us know when it be available. 

Power Apps

This is not on our immediate roadmap, we'll look into this in 2019 and provide an update.


However it will be possible to build a version of tree view with our existing controls and the components feature that will be coming out soon.

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Any update on this? 

Power Apps

We still don't have Tree View control on our roadmap.  However the components framework is out in preview that allows you to build reusable components.  Also later in the year we'll be allowing pro developers to build controls with PCF for use in canvas apps as another avenue for custom controls.

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Any update on this?

Power Apps

Unfortunately, we still don't have this on our roadmap as a first-party control for this year. 


Our recommendation is to build something with Components, or a custom control with PowerApps Component Framework when it becomes available later in the year.

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Three years later and sill no tree view control? Any chance I've missed something? 😁

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It's not gonna happen apparently. MS wants you to build your own.