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Trigger in Barcode Scanner Control

heyo dev team,


So I like the barcode scanner. It's robust. This is good. It could however definitely be more configurable. Specifically, it would be really nice to be able to use a trigger. Most physical barcode scanners have triggers, and that allow the user to aim the scanner correctly before actually scanning.


Here's my scenario:


I'm building a canvas app to act as a sort of in-house inventory management app. My boss wants to be able to scan one QR code from a 8.5x11 page of them. Unfortunately, the barcode scanner currently acts in a sort of "greedy" mode, scanning the first code it sees. You can see how that might be an issue, especially if the code you want is in the middle of the page. If you guys could add a property switch, like ".UseTrigger" for example, that adds a "Scan" button or something to the bottom of the camera feed, that would be awesome. When the "Scan" button on the feed is pressed, then the control evaluates the code in the crosshairs, maybe also it would rack the camera's focus to increase the chances of getting a good scan.


If you guys could work on this, I would be very pleased. Thank you for all your great work so far!

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Failing this in the short term perhaps a screen displayed and app configurable countdown to "OnScan" might be a workaround???

Advocate II

This is so important. Our case is this: we need to scan the serial number barcodes of each server in a rack. The servers are very close together and the scanner doesn't give you a chance to aim at the one you want before it automatically scans the first one it focuses on.