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Turn MAKE MY OWN back on for Leave Request

I've seen that the Make my own is turned off for this and in some other thread, it was suggested to go here and let you know I'd like it turned back on.  The threads related to the leave request template show a supposed solution.  That solution is not complete.  There is no way that that is the only table needed to create that app.  Where does it get the data for days remaining("requesterBalanceRecord", "BallanceCollection").  I see the collections and look at the "Learn about working with collections", but your instructions don't say how to edit an existing collection.  Where does it get the data for who is a manager and who is an employee.  Where is the table for leavetype?  The accepted solution is not acceptable to what appear to be a few hundred people who've viewed it.  There is no way that new people like me can use this template with that solution.  So PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP, Turn the **bleep** MAKE MY OWN back on!  You say that if you know excel, then this is pretty easy.  I disagree.  I've written some pretty monumental VBA and this is not so easy.  Having something like this that doesn't work makes it hard to promote the adoption by people like myself who want to learn this stuff, but just don't have the hours to learn something totally new.  Having templates that one can get working easily is a key to adoption from small companies like ours.  Please just make what you have work and turn that button back on. 






Status: New