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Turn off PowerApps

There should be an option to turn off the PowerApps so that the developers can make changed without the users accessing the apps and run into any issues

Status: New
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Hi @VijaiSurya,

Shouldn't you have another app as development version and export, import to update live version?

I still agree with the idea though, cause if I could disable the app when I want for people to stop using it for a while, it might be very useful ( Example could be legal or ethical reasons making me to stop its usage immediately, when I still want to keep it there, until things are sorted and I can run it again ). 

Regular Visitor

You could just make a control only visible to admins that changes the start page or content of a start page to a message that the app is locked. When the app is ready the admin can switch it back on. You could even add a hidden control that brings up a keypad to override the locked content if you have some users that you would want to get past the lock screen. We have this in our organization for a technical support app. When there is an outage or important message, any if our tech team can access an admin console to add a message and flip a switch to turn it on. The user has to acknowledge the message before proceeding to the app. It prevents unnecessary calls for known issues