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Turning off Scale To Fit Doubles Pixel Density

I'm experimenting with Responsive Canvas apps (following and there appears to be an issue with pixel density when turning off Scale to Fit.


I create a brand new App with the Dimension of 1920x1080 and turn off Scale to Fit. Then add some labels that show the values of the App.Width/Height and App.DesignWidth/DesignHeight and play the app in a web player on my monitor that is 1920x1080, it reports that the app is:


AppWidth: 3839
AppHeight: 1743
DesignWidth: 1920
DesignHeight: 1080


As a result, everything on the screen looks incredibly small in comparrison to the designer (at 100% zoom) as the pixel density appears to be way too high for some reason.


Edit: I checked the values within the app on iPhone and they all look as expected. But if I look at it with the App from the Microsoft Store the same issue occurs that im experiencing in using a web browser.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

I've been using Chrome to do this and its been working okay. However, I just tested it in edge and everything is completely messed up. It seems like Edge wants to treat the application size that is displayed literally and throw in some virtical and horizontal scroll bars to nowhere. At this point im not sure why anyone would disable the "Scale To Fit" feature as it appears to break absolutley everything if you do.