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UI Tool for modifying Ribbons while customizing entity form


Customizing a form has been made a lot easier in 2011, but we still need to export the RibbonDiffXml and manually import it- which is a tedious process. Can we have graphical editing for form ribbons as well, and then add the 'OnClick' button for the ribbon element using the UI itself?

Thanks in advance!!

Status: Completed

Please see today’s announcement. We’re also actively working on supporting many more capabilities that will be enabled incrementally in your environments.



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Status changed to: Planned

Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.



Neeraj Nandwana

PM, Microsoft 

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I consider this feature quite critical.. along with Shubhi Bansal's suggestion, makes it as easy to attach javascripts to the ribbon buttons as it is to fields in the form. Make easy, make it right. 🙂
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Totally agree - the tool that is on codeplex is alright but it is just a pane and you cant do multi tab ribbon changes. Javascript is a pain hiding etc. Ribbon customisation is critical for us to simplify the user experience.
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This topic has come up many times during discussions with other MSCRM customers. There appears to be concensus that this is an absolute must-have to take the user experience to the next level. I also agree the RibbonDiff xml "hacking" is not ideal and prone to errors. The "free" Visual Ribbon editor appears to have broken recently for CRM Online. Hope MSFT really listens on this one...
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Would also find this helpful. Until Microsoft implements this, i will use the follwing: Before anyone asks: i dont work for that company, but i realy like this product, cause it spends my time!
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Thank you for your suggestion. We are considering this functionality for a future release of CRM. Anusha Shankar This posting is provided "as is" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
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The "Ribbon Workbench" from develop1 also has the downside that it uses Silverlight, which some organisations don't allow to install. Anyway, this is such a Basic functionality that it should be included in the MSCRM-standard
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New to Dynamics CRM development and can't believe this is so retro to have to use an external plugin to remove buttons on the ribbon bar.

Come on you've had this for almost a year. You guys need to get real with these community ideas

It's like you release 2 things every 6 months and you think you can catch up to Salesforce.

With this approach you won't

Fix your update cycle to be at least like Power BI with a monthly update release. I dare you...


Call me to discuss... I dare you...

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In my opinion the current Ribbon Workbench it is an obsolete approach for citizen developers.

The editor keep some constraints:

  • UX to optimize: complicated management properties and rules
  • Low Resolution, minimal design and unresponsive
  • You can load and publish the customization about max 4 or 5 Ribbons per solution (otherwise occur errors) 
  • You can't undo published ribbon changes


Other Model-driven-app Ribbon complications for Dynamics 365 application business:

  • Difficult customization and Ribbon refresh by rules
  • On click button events is necessary introduce JavaScript to call Actions, Workflow and others controls 
  • Microsoft advertises the customization of ribbons via XML of the exported solution, without provide one compelling Ribbon editor like the same way of the form editor. 
  • Uncomfortable deployment: you can't see Ribbon sub-components layers via solution UI

With the purpose of adding value and increase the codeless approach, my tips are:

  • Simple trigger events clicking on button demand without using JavaScript. So the OnClick Event Area should directly call plugins, Workflows, Actions or Power Automate flows.
  • Easy Rules management: Show / Hide Button Rules in a more easy UX
  • Good editor layout inside solutions (always solution-aware). More customization of buttons labels, colors, layers, focus, order to show etc ...
  • In Power Apps System improving the refresh Ribbon layer on load / save forms 
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Here here, this is crucial for ease of implementation. 

I can't believe we are still talking about this. It has been a year in Planned State, it has a high number of votes and is a no brainer to do but not being done.

MS are giving us Lip service to say it is planned for 12 months

MS spends $2B on research and development every year on Dynamics 365. Where does that money go if they can't provide such basic function as this


Seriously, let's have a group Teams session to discuss the delay, the technical challenges and when you plan to roll this out.