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Unable to create/write "canSubmitToWorkflow" method (or) Standard override methods on table extensions in D365O

Author Name: KrishnaSrikanth M

I need to create a workflow for which "canSubmitToWorkflow" method needs to be created on standard table which doesn't have canSubmitToWorkflow standard method but development is to be done using extensions.

In table extensions we can't override standard methods which in-turn can't create "canSubmitToWorkflow" method.

Error message is :-

"cannot define an extension method "canSubmitToWorkflow" in extension class "custTable_Extension" targeting type "custTable" because the type already defines a method with same name.

Even i have seen for events which are listed for table extensions as a separate node(Events)and i haven't find any event handler for "canSubmitToWorkflow" method as we have for others(onUpdated,onUpdating...etc)

So here again i need to customize standard table and then needs to create "canSubmitToWorkflow" method then i need to take Pre/Post event handlers.

It could be good if we can able to create above method with out customizing standard object (in this scenario TABLE).

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