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Undo the recent terminology changes

Please rollback the changes made to the terminology around entities and controls in the CDS.  I will outline a few of the issues with each of the changes.


Entity > Table:  

  1. Entities are not tables.  While it is true the entities do define a table, the whole reason we use them (instead of say a SQL Table) is that we can also use them to easily define relationships, views, forms, business rules, charts etc.  It is overloading a term we need to use and that harms communication and training.  It would fall even further out of alignment as you potentially add functionality (such as defining PowerApp Components or embedded canvas apps)
  2. It creates a mismatch with the API.  This makes the life of developers/administrators just that much harder.
  3. It creates a mismatch with legacy and on-prem Dynamics implementations and breaks 15 years of consistent terminology.  This will become another hurdle we need to overcome in migrations.   

Option set > Choices

  1. Loss of specificity - While it would be great if we could easily change option set types (e.g. dropdown to multiselect), this doesn't currently exist so not being able to chose the type makes it that much harder for me to find the field I am looking for.
  2. Reduced clarity - Choice is simply not as descriptive as Option Set.  Many fields types could contain choices but Option Set clearly describes what they are easing training on them.
  3. Inconsistency - Option Sets do not function the same way Choices do in SharePoint.  I believe you should standardize the functionality and then use the more precise Option Set terminology.

Two Options > Yes/No - My problem with this boils down to an implied reduction in functionality.  It is true that in PowerAutomate it is being treated as a Yes/No, the ability to customize those options makes a big functionality difference in configuring a nice user interface.  Stick with the two options and don't remove this convenient functionality.  


Status: New