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Uniform File Attachment Handling

Need to have more robust methods of handling files. Currently the attachments control must be in a form and only works for Sharepoint and CDS sources, the "Add Photo" control saves them as a blobmanager url, and the "Camera" control saves the actual content. There should be a consistant way to collect attachements of all kinds (Photos/Files) and pass them to any data repository such as OneDrive or other file storage location. 


The most complex part of app development for our company has been handling photos, as we are forced to use workarounds that save files to an Excel table or SharePoint. We should be able to collect the files and patch them to whatever data source we want, provided it accepts attachments. Possibly allowing Flow to handle the attachments would be useful as it would allow for more complex file processing/saving. 


The Add Photos control causes particular grief because of the blobmanager url that is used. There is no simple way to get that photo outside of using an excel sheet on onedrive. This is not nearly robust enough for an enterprise app. 

Status: New