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Unlock all DataCard button

Please add the ability to unlock All datacards on forms where SharePoint List is data source.  I am trying to update the display mode property on roughly 50 fields and it's so tedious to unlock them all one at a time.


A simple unlock all button in powerapps would be great.


Status: New
Impactful Individual

Please add this idea. It's a real pain and in every app I unlock these. 

Advocate II

This is a must with SharePoint Forms. Takes so much time to unlock the cards one by one....

Regular Visitor

Please consider adding this feature, can confirm is very tedious and comes up often enough to be a point of needless frustration.

Continued Contributor

It's honestly one of the most frustrating things in PowerApps (and there's plenty of frustrating stuff with Powerapps). It's making me pull my hairs out this morning.

Advocate I

Agree this is required. I've found if you do CTRL A on the form you can then right click on each one and select "unlock" instead of having to move the mouse to right and select unlock in the advanced options.

Helper II

Yaaasssss!  This is so needed.  Or leave them all unlocked by default.  Just a pain to deal with. 

Regular Visitor

Kind of depressing seing this being proposed a year ago and still no solution. I need a bottle of wine to get through unlocking all my data-fields. There must be a bettersolution here. Wine should not be the solution to any problem 🙂 

Helper II

@Rakkenes 😂😂 Agreed! 

Super User

Please can we get this feature.

Regular Visitor

Can we get this feature added already? It's 2022 what are we doing here.