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Unselect All Fields button in Edit Form or Display Form

After a recent change (not sure when as it has been sometime since I used PowerApps), I have noticed that when adding a Display Form or Edit Form, PowerApps will auto enabled all fields from the selected data source (Sharepoint List in my case).


I theory this is great if your data source has a few fields, but in my case the data source I use has over 100 fields. This has caused PowerApps to either crash on occasion or take a long time to load all the fields.

Can we have a button to deselect all the fields so I don't have to manually deselect 90% of the fields every time I add a new Display or Edit Form?

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This is an update to my original post

I have discovered a work around to avoid having all the fields load at once. When you add a new display/edit form, do not select a Data Source just close the Data window, then go to the Advanced properties for that form.


Under the Advanced properties, under the Data section, fill in the Data Source value manually. This will create the Data connection to the form without loading all the fields associated with the Data Source.

(This works in both Web and Client versions)




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Thank you so much for this post, I was looking for a work around. It works awesome😀