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Update and Insert multiple SQL tables with single PowerApps Form

There should be a way to Update and Insert multiple tables with single Powerapps and Single From.

We have one Power BI report which contains a Power Apps using this power apps we edit few fields (not all) and write back to same table(let say Incident-Table).

But what we want that these few edited fields should be written back to a another table (let say Audit-Table), and every time a new record should be created with the new information in Audit-Table

Doing this Incident-Table will always have the latest status of the incident and Audit-Table can be used for audit purpose to trace back when and what all actions were taken on the record.


To make the above solution simple there should be a way that my single form can update my Incident-Table and update Audit-Table with same information, OR my form1 can update the Incident-Table and Form-2 can update the Audit-Table, but to do this there should be a way to sink Form1 and Form2.


Please help or reffer if such solutino

Status: New