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Update the Power Apps UWP app

I haven't seen any communication about the UWP app being updated. Microsoft needs to focus on these apps if they want Windows 10 and Windows 10x to thrive. Also, the Power Apps team needs to make a way to bundle the PowerApps runtime/player with created apps that can be published to end users who are offline or cannot connect to the internet. It is a huge disservice to only focus on mobile or web. Customers want apps on their desktops!!!

Status: New
Helper I

Couldn't agree more. Plus: Make it possible to open multiple apps at once. Deploying apps right now is made almost impossible.


If I was new to MS, I would hardly believe that it was completely ignoring it's own OS. We bought Galaxy tablets instead of Surface Go's because the barcodescanner is not working on the latter one, can you believe that? But after several years I'm getting used to it...