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Update the portal to Bootstrap 4

Author Name: Colin Vermander
Please update the portal to use Bootstrap 4 as it is now the standard supported version of Bootstrap
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I have found ways to hack bootstrap 4 in but it involves a lot of work. Having this updated is well overdue.

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Agreed, I would like to see this in powerapps portals.

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@AdamPiercy Can you share how you went about it 

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@Wetsi Remove the Bootstrap file, add the Bootstrap 4 file then you need to find all the fonts or use the Glyphicons from bootstrap 3 and you also need to fix the dropdown CSS so dropdowns work. I have also worked on a project where we removed Bootstrap altogether and used Foundation (don't recommend that). If you know how to write your own Liquid templates and can write a CSS "cheat" file to handle hardcoded Bootstrap 3 functions then it is pretty simple. If you are going to use Bootstrap 4 CSS then I also recommended using Bootstrap 4 JS as well. This will break dropdowns as well but it is an easy fix. It is not the most elegant solution but until MS catch up and bring the Portals up to date we have no choice. Bootstrap 5 will be out before MS upgrade. 

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can we upgrade jquery version from 1.12.4 to latest one ?

Because it has some vulnerabilities issues mentioned here:

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Are there any updates on this?  Bootstrap 3 has been end of life for some time, and it would be excellent to see introduction of Bootstrap 4 support for the PowerApps Portal platform.  

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What are the plans for bootstrap 4 being the standard for portals?


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Release wave 2 2021 was just announced and no mention of bootstrap being updated. Bootstrap is now version 5. Any updates Microsoft? 

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Update to version 5!