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Upload File to Cloud / OneDrive / Sharepoint

Hi ,


I want to suggest that there be a file uploader(Control or Button ) to be used to upload files from local to the required locations like Sharepoint/Cloud/Onedrive etc.


Currently there is Addimage is present based on that we can select only the images types only and not able to change the file type eventhough there is Allfiles are showing in the OpenDialog.Things to be updated like seprate control or the Addimage control to be modfied to pick any file that can be saved in the prefered location as mentioned above.


I checked another approach also using the Import control. This also not support the all files it supports the zip formate.

For Clients as developers we will not suggest to zip your file every timea and use the Import :D.

One more thing i need to add to this is while using the Export and Import controls genrated files are not usefull outside the PowerApps, if those files can access in their original formate from outside that will be very usefull.


IF we provide the Upload functionality the end user who uses the app they can easily upload thier files useing the app which is devloped in the PowerApps.


Example: Am a user i want to upload file which is present in my mobile phone or file which is persent in my local on the desktop.

If these is the requirement, to provide solution to this using powerApps now it is not possible.

If these is achived in PowerApps End user will go for the uploads provideded by the App which is built on the powerApps.



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Status: Planned
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I've built a set of controls for successfully uploading files to Azure storage. It's very clunky and tempermental. PLEASE, PLEASE make this available.

For example, quirky behavior like when you upload a file (selecting all files in the dialog) and the control shows the name of the selected file in the tooltip of the Addmedia control. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to access this value to use the uploaded filename, so when storing in Azure Blob Storage, you have to create a new name. Certainly not ideal.


Then when you want to upload the next file, you Reset() the AddMedia control but the tool tip still shows the last file picked (even thought the .Media and .Image are now blank. If you pick the same file name again (which happens a lot when testing), PowerApps does not attach the file, thinking it's already attached. Odd? This is a BUG that should be fixed even when using the currently AddMedia control for it's intended purpose.  I will add a seperate idea for this bug.


Please make sure that you can;

  1. Specify the default location, file type, caption, open button text etc for the Open File dialog (the same as we can in other development tools for several decades Smiley Happy
  2. Return the full path and file name of the file selected

I would prefer this is implemented as a function, not as a control. This waythe developer can decide what OnSelect method to use, button, image, icon, etc.


And while your at it, please an an Upload icon to the default set.


An extension of this would be to create a means for downloading a file as well. You can kindof implement this feature with a Shared Access Signature in Azure Blob storage, but I'm sure there are other application use cases that would like the file loaded form somewhere else as well.






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has this functionaly been released yet?


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Do we have a timeline on this?  It's been about 3 years since hitting the Planned stage...


Having a control to upload directly to OneDrive / SharePoint / Cloud would remove the need to use work-arounds; such as repositioning the SharePoint Form Attachments control for file uploads without a SharePoint connection.

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This seems like basic functionality that PowerApps is missing. When is it going to be implemented?

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Hello @Audrie-MSFT , any news on this? Thanks!

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Please program this mini code. A simple upload of local files...

Microsoft does that in many places. Copy and paste code...
I've been building a workaround with JSON, HTML, JPG Converter, OneDrive and Sharepoint... Only to find out in the end that this only works with very small photo files and is therefore useless.
It is absolutely incomprehensible to me why such an function is not already available.


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Ive been trying to work with Images since 2005 (In Access).... 

Now it remains an issue in Power BI, Power Apps, BI Report Builder (pixel nightmare)


Its been a mess and remains a mess to this day. 


I suspect its something deep down in an alternative quantum reality, like MM/DD/YYYY (The Man bit the Dog).