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Upload a picture captured through PowerApp to a sharepoint online document library

Using powerapp in mobile phone, I can capture photos with the camera, but I can't upload to a document library in SharePoint Online.

Roy Kim shared this idea  ·   ·

Status: Started

I liked the below blog from a talented community member. It may offer a solution while this is yet to be released:


Thank you for your patience, and continued feedback,


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What is the status of this?  I had seen somewhere that it was expected to be completed in January 2019.

Power Automate

@MarcBailey I checked the roadmap and I don’t see it listed yet:

Let me know where you saw that reference.


I do remember the work being started so adding a couple of people who may be able to speak to timines;




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I couldn't be sure about the relationship and I understand that this Topic/Issue is related to PowerApps, but I couldn't stop wondering whether Kaizala shared similar issue as well - in terms of Upload a picture captured through Kaizala App to a Sharepoint List as Attachment. Also, Online Document Library. Under MediaResource, rather than FileContent properties.


Again, I couldn't be sure the relationship.

But at the same time felt, Kaizala and PowerApps shared some similarities.


Hope to see a solution soon.

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Has this made any progress?  Looks like the issue was raised 5 years ago, and claimed to be started 3 years ago, but nothing yet.