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Upload a picture captured through PowerApp to a sharepoint online document library

Using powerapp in mobile phone, I can capture photos with the camera, but I can't upload to a document library in SharePoint Online.

Roy Kim shared this idea  ·   ·

Status: Started

I liked the below blog from a talented community member. It may offer a solution while this is yet to be released:


Thank you for your patience, and continued feedback,


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unfortunately the list property of photo is (read only)  , at least for now

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Planned
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Using mobile device, complete form, and take picture, have uploaded to sharepoint list as attached file.

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have you implemented functionality of uplaoding pictures to sharepoint library?




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do we have a solution for this? I'm getting frustrated?

Uplaoding pictures to sharepoint library from PowerApps?

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I agree with @LEARN_IT I'm getting frustrated as well with this. When is going to work? Why would you even realease Powerapps with this HUGE flaw?? Can we please get an answer?? This issue has gone on for TOO LONG.

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This function is absolut neccessary - when will it be available?? Regards, Elmar

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 Any status update on this? Really like powerapps, but not being able to upload files or photos is really hurting!

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 Do anyone have a basic solution for this? This shoulb be an easy fuction for the Powerapps team. No sure wWHY they can't do this? Frustrated.Smiley Frustrated