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Upload local PDF to view in the PDF Viewer

I would like to show a PDF in my app, but I would have to put a link to a website in the document field to be able to view a PDF. I do not want to put the PDF on a website. I would rather just be able to upload the PDF like an image, video or audio file and embed it in the app.

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New Member

 I would also like to be able to do that.Smiley Happy

Helper IV

I have came across a scenario where I wanted to upload a policy document to the App without having to link to a sharepoint library. Being able to embed a pdf like you can an excel sheet would be a useful feature.

Regular Visitor

This is required for us too. Users are working as first line with low or no connectivity hence using a URL to get the PDF will not suffice for them. But a simple local PDF would be helpful. We need this massively.