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Use Application insights for customer telemtry analysis and reporting


Many customers have requested the ability to configure an Application Insights telemetry key in their Dynamics 365 CRM/CE instance and be able to view/report and query (using app  insights querying) at least the following data.  One can imagine with these data points they could leverage other azure technologies to self heal or remediate as well as alert upon an increase in exception types or other arbitrary and flexible conditions as well build out PowerBI usage reports and end user adoption: 

  • Form load & browser rendering/processing times 
  • request source geographical data 
  • All plugin execution logs redirected to appinsights fail/success, etc (instead of the database) allowing for reporting, alerting, and complex querying
  • Other processing times such as bulk Deletion job results 
  • system jobs 
  • async plugin execution 
  • system job results being mirrored into app insights telemetry (including workflows, async plugins, etc) 

With these events along with their requestid's and correlation id's customers and partners could report on end-to-end scenarios and figure out how a given async plugin, workflow, process fired which specific plugins, etc. 

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Yes, Yes, Yes- we need this.  We are migrating from On-Prem to the Cloud, and we NEED a strong way to evaluate performance and availability from a user's perspective.

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This is definitely needed. Makes us truly look like One Microsoft and provides differentiation and product stickiness for all our cloud solutions. This is going to be key to a key customer of mine.

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Yes, this is definitely needed and important for my customers looking to move into the cloud. Will provide additional visibility, troubleshooting capabilities and confidence in the solution.

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Please! My customer needs this.

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This would be a huge benefit to several of my clients. 

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This will be huge for our team! Moving to cloud already limits your scope for troubleshooting the user experience but having something that can help us understand the real time user impact is huge. This definitely gains confidence in the product.

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This is *very much* needed by our customers. I am attached to one of our largest deployments around, and not having this actually affects our ability to close further large deals with the customer.

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Agree, I see this as a nice feature to flow through from CRM to cloud deployments on Azure


This is coming up in October 2020 release if you have checked the release document.