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Use 'Display Name' in dropdown list

Surely, the whole point of having a 'Display Name' element in a picklist is for it to be used in a selection list to the user. Why is there no ability and the default 'Name' element is used instead. This makes no sense.

Status: Completed

We are happy to say that this feature is now available in the updated Common Data Service. You can now use the display name within your apps for Option Sets.


To use this feature you need to be on the latest version of the Common Data Service for Apps. For information about this update in geneneral, see :

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review

@jonoluk pls confirm status.

Kudo Collector

Hi Graham,

What are you using as your data source? I'm connected to a SharePoint list which has a 'Person or Group' field.  The associated drop-down list in the PowerApp currently uses the DisplayName format.  I configured it via the Options tab (click on the ellipses [...] button for the relevant field).



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The datasource is a 'Picklist' - i.e. declared in the Field Type.

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Is there any solutoin to this yet?  I am facing exactly the same problem and it's worsen by the fact that my staff only reads traditional chinese and in 'Name' it only accepts alphanumeric and doesn't accept chinese characters.  So whatever I put in the dropdown list via picklist is useless.


I suppose this is very basic request that needs to be addressed - could you advise if there's any progress since March?

Resolver II

Any update on the Under Review topic on Picklist used in DropDowns that currently only display the Name instead of the Display Name.  I would think this would be an easy fix.  Help - we are consuming a lot of time and resources trying to figure out all of the issues with PowerApps with minimal documentation.  Example:  When you change or add a value to the Picklist it takes 1-2 days to sync.

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Hi there!  I am having the same problem when use a pick list it keeps showing the unfriendly name using a common data source.    


Thanks for reporting this issue. We are tracking this one our end and this will be fixed in a future release.

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Pleasedo it asap, it's kind of illogical to have the display name and can't use it.

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Any time estimate on when this will be updated?

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I have the same problem. Given the restrictions on the Name field, it makes picklists useless. I now have to waste time turning my picklists into lookup tables. Please fix this!