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Use PowerQuery to aggregate and transform data from different Dataverse tables

It would be great to have a tool similar to Power BI PowerQuery datasets which could allow you to aggregate and transform data from different Dataverse tables and save that transformed data into a new table. This would allow one to combine data from different input sources into a table that could give you more functionality and better analytics.

Status: New
Advocate II

Generally speaking, I hope Microsoft will expand the functionality of PowerQuery within PowerApps. Also, dataflows are not sufficiently promoted by Microsoft. This is a very powerful tool and I don't understand why Microsoft doesn't promote it more effectively. So many use cases! 


Your suggestion is great in another context as well. In many cases, users must validate and correct data which has been previously transformed via a dataflow. Upon completion of the manual validation, a second dataflow is often required to further transform and append the data.



Imagine a data-matching scenario, whereby a user must match company data with external data from suppliers or customers. A first data flow can be used to match the datasets. Unfortunately, external data can often have errors which prevent full matching. Users must then manually match the unmatched records (using a model-driven app, for example). Then, a second dataflow could leverage the user-matched records stored in Dataverse for further processing.