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UserTesting Survey Idea

I'm a teacher. I've created a few PowerApps for myself to use, but now I'm at a point where I'm beginning to plan/design/make apps for my students to use. I want to collect data on their app activities for analysis (grading!), but that requires my students to have the same permissions as me with the data source my classroom activity app patches to. If I'm patching to a SharePoint list, then my students using the app also need access to the SharePoint list. Same with an Excel file. This creates an uneasy situation regarding student information privacy. I think I've created a workaround on my end, but this may be something to think about for the future. How can students use apps, patch their activity data to a data source, but at the same time not have access to that same data source within the Offiice 365 environment (Sharepoint, shared Onedrive file, etc.). Can a switch be flipped that gives them write access to a data source only when they're using a PowerApp.

Status: New