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Using Excel files with formulas as a data source

This would be a nice addition to Powerapps.

There are not many excel filse that do not rely of formulas so this is essential

Status: Under Review
Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
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any progress in this case?@Audrie-MSFT


Thanks for answer

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This feature/ function is indeed critical.

Kindly help look into this & expedite.



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Currently needing this feature in order to create an autonomous, "Top 10 wildlife viewed" pie chart for a wildlife identification app for an airport.  The work around would essentially be rewriting every cell and its formula into something like a text box within the app itself, requiring 380 text boxes.

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Same case here, i have a table that i calculate month and application rates with formulas, but cant use in powerapps. is there any progress on this matter?


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Why is this not a thing? I created Power App for my team to easily access the reports where they can update under specific columns while other columns are blocked. But now I'm trying to have them gain access to my excel file that contains formula with a simple mathematical formula. I just don't understand why Power App can't simply pull the cell value and display that in Power App.  This is disappointing. 

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This is a very crucial feature that should be available from the beginning since the main purpose of PowerApps is to make people's life easier and more efficient!