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Using SharePoint document sets

Make PowerApps benefit from Document Sets, so everytime when we create a new form to a document library that uses Document Sets, the PowerApps will be able to help us use the fields from the Document Sets, allowing users to deliver better experience to users in Document Libraries instead of the awlful classic experience we are having so far.

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I concur.

Document Sets would benefit greatly from being able to create PowerApp to manage metadata collection. 

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Just another nudge on this one. I don't think this should be optional to PowerApps.  Most businesses still require printing and PDF support as Microsoft should well know.  In many cases, printing locally from a browswer just isn't going to satisfy the business need.  In many cases, you need some level of non-repudiation where a single static document provides a moment-in-time truth about a topic rather than continuously updated web pages.  Unfortunately there are enough barriers to success in PowerApps (like we can't see our own underlying HTML) that workaround are kind expensive, and prone to slow performance and error.

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I want to allow only "Owners" of the site to be able to modify some of the metadata fields in the document set. Is this possible?

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I would love to see this as well. From a technical point of view, I understand why this hasn't been done yet though 😉

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It's the next step for SharePoint Document Management Systems. Please put this in...

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I discovered today that folders within a Document Set don't get the properties from the Set like documents do.  Please rectify this while 'modernising' the Document Set.  My situation is that I'm using folders to group documents relating to stages of a project within a Document Set, where the stage folder might not contain any document yet, but still needs to exist and to contain a status note.  The basic SP list views aren't good enough to show the needed information, but a Power App table view could, if only the document set's properties flowed into the folders.  Unlike earlier versions of SP, the Document Set's fields are all available to the folder as properties and are editable, but they are always empty.  Then I went to Flow to try and grab the Document Set's properties when a folder is created, and while I can run a Flow on 'folder create', there's no easy way to find the parent Document Set's properties to pull them in.   Would prefer that Folders could get the properties just like any other content type within a Document Set.  Thanks.