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Using both Portrait and Landscape screens in one app

I know that the responsive design for powerapps is planned as per this idea - . However, till that is achieved can we get the option of having both landscape and portrait screens within one app? I believe we can use the accelerometer values to determine device orientation and then change the screens based on that to a portrait/landscape screen. I know that this will be a lot of work for us but can be a workaround till we get the responsive design in powerapps.

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I think the freature idea is good / needed. I have a client that needs 2 of 15 screens in landscape mode, the rest in portrait. Why not have a setting per screen that just forces the screen to go landscape.

Level: Powered On

I am facing same issue because i want to on single screen report on landscape mode rest of screens in portrait mode . curent setting orientation as global but i need screen dependent.