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Using the first field in lookup view to render dropdown list in case field Name missing

Context: We are use metadata to ask CRM portal to render lookup field as dropdown list on portal page. System will then use data from field "Name" from referral entity to create dropdown list for portal page. Limitation: As field "Name" will normally used for internal CRM user, we will need to display the other field to portal user, but as soon as the Name field not listed in the lookup view, the dropdown list will only show us the blank rows. Workaround doesn't really help The first workaround we can think of is to use the field "Name" on referral entity for the portal, and create the other field for CRM internal user. But then we have problem with the lookup field inside CRM. As soon as we save the change, the lookup field automatically get data from field "Name" in referral entity to populate the textbox on form, not the one that we wanted. Ask: Please adjust the system so that when render the dropdown list, system will use the first field in the lookup view if the field Name is absent. By doing that we can still enjoy the current out of the box function and at the same time can customize the system according to our business need
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Adding to this, as the partner who requested it, there are some cases where you want the out of box lookup functionality to remain in D365 interface for internal use, whereas a portal client may need a different value to be displayed that is more "client friendly". This is the purpose of this feature request.