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Video control should render on galleries like images, not just on the base form

It would be nice if the video control could be embedded into the gallery collection. I have plenty of times that I need to capture image AND video content in SharePoint online, and only images can be shown at this point. Please consider, at this point I could clone Ebay, but I could not clone vimeo or Youtube look and feel yet. 

Status: Under Review

Adding @FilipK from the controls team.

Power Apps
Status changed to: Under Review

Adding @FilipK from the controls team.

Helper V

Thanks for considering my suggestion!

Power Apps

There's an inherent problem of performance here.  A user could conceivable play multiple videos at the same time causing the memory footprint to skyrocket and make the app unusable slow.


Would a better design be to use images in the gallery and have single player that updates based on which video was selected.

Helper V

Hi @FilipK, it was your SP attachment blogpost that first helped me render images on a gallery from the cloud! (I hope my feedback is good here, since I am a mere mortal and we get nervous around rockstar Microsoft developers.)


You are absolutely correct, I have put a LOT of thought into this concept since my first post and I am convinced we need a "lightweight" visual thumbnail control to show scaled down quick and fuzzy images or video frames on galleries as popups. (big runon sentence, I am nervous.) So only 1 at a time is fine for most brains out here, and with a "close button" on it to keep us in line!) Your hi-res images rock, and by hard-binding the first SP attachment to my gallery content, the visual list works, but it is still rather slow, no, it's really borderline very slow to be honest. (which is why I only allow 1) and it has 3 quirks. If a new gallery.selecteditem "fuzzy thumbnail" would simply allow us to pop up a player or a visual display of the hi-res image, you might improve the user experience by ONLY allowing a fuzzy fast low res control on the gallery, and removing the image direct rendering. While I love the hi-res on the gallery, it is sometimes clobbering us, as you affirm, video certainly would.

As for the 3 quirks with imagery,

1) often, the first gallery item image is blackspace.

2) less often, there is an apparent failure to blit, that LOOKS like terribly slow rendering, but it is not, since the images all blit out when you simply touch any gallery item (users sit and wait.)

3) sometimes the index for the gallery seems confused, and shows the SAME image for two list items that are consecutive in the list.


WOW world, (advanced Hello world)  I am actually talking software requiremets with @FilipK , the rockstar of Power Apps!

Glad I have a NodeJS project to work on, so I should be able to calm down before I do more PowerApps! 

Thanks for listening Microsoft, Please forgive my use of NodeJs too!