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View 'Shared with me' apps in non-default environment in Web Browser

Hi team,


Currently users who have apps shared to them from a non-default environment cannot navigate to access the app from the powerapps website unless they have 'environment maker' roles. Assigning this role will then allow users to navigate to the non-default environment and open the shared app. However, I do not wish to provide maker access to users, I simply want them to have access to the app only. As it stands, if people do not have this role assigned they are not able to access the non-default environment from the drop-down menu.


Please consider providing access to shared app in such cases via the browswer as users are able to access the apps via mobile devices with no such issue.



Status: New
Advocate II

It was possible to see the whole list of Apps available for a user from the Dynamics page but I can't find it anymore. It would be nice to have this list available for each user so they can easily find all shared apps with them.