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View and edit connections in a dataflow

Currently in dataflows you can only change a connection if you delete its current connections and wait to be prompted for a new connection to be made. I would like to be able to view which connections a dataflow is currently using (so I know which ones to delete instead of guessing), and rather than just delete and re-create, I would like to be able to modify the connection, or at least see its details. 

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Hi - if you are working in solutions (which is an absolute must, you need to be putting flows and connections in solutions for many reasons) you can do this pretty easily. Within a solution, you can rename connections (great for telling them apart). You then can look at the details of a flow, and clicking edit here you can see all the connection references used in the flow.



When a connection reference is in a solution, this is where you can edit the display name, and down at the bottom where is says connection, you can edit the credentials/account the connection is using




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Hi Dave, I appreciate you taking the time to explain how to view connections in a power automate flow. But my suggestion pertains to a Dataflow, which is not setup the same. I wish it were. 

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My bad for not reading the title correctly...