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View column editor in model-driven apps: show & search by schema name

In the classic Advanced Find we were able to see the schema names of fields, not just the display name. In the modern advanced find and its column editor, we can only get the display name.

It would be very helpful to at least be able to seach by schema name from the column search bar. Switching between schema/display name in the column editor pane would be even better.


The reason for this is: often the app makers & developers are more aware of the naming pattern of columns that is used on the schema level. The visible strings in the UI for columns may need to be changed into something that's less "logical" when show in the column list. Based on my personal experience, finding the right columns is a lot faster and more reliable when I get to see "behind" the display names.

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I completely support this recommendation.  I have clients that have changed names of columns multiple times and it is difficult to locate a column some times.  Also, I tend to make the "schema" name for like fields with a pattern and then have a shorter label for display purposes.  I can find all the columns quickly by searching for the schema name, but they are all spread out if I have to use the display name.  

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An important feature taken granted and truly missed in the current modern advanced find. Even powerusers get familiar with the schema names and ask about this feature.