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View in PowerApps based on sharepoint list view

Filtering in PowerApps is not user friendly ,  the option to create a view in power apps (filter) based on Sharepoint List view would make life a lot easier.  Creating a filter in PowerApps is very time consuming  compared to a list view in sharepoint.


example of usage is a sharepoint list that has a status field ( choice field ;new, in progress , completed) and assigned to field (person field),  where you would want to show in the power apps... new requests assigned to the user logged in.






Status: Under Review

Thanks for your suggestion.  We are looking at starting View support in canvas apps in CDS but can see the value it would have for others like SharePoint.

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I'm surprised you face data row limits when looking up people. There is an Office 365 Users connector which allows to look up an employee without any limitation

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@Liliana1210   I think the issue is that us, not as technical persons would like to have an easy way to create an app, not that there are not other ways to solve this.  But we like to have things simple and easy to do. 

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@Liliana1210  The people columns have nothing to do with the data row limit. It the maximum lookup columns threshold we have reached.


The list contains about 10 people columns and a few lookup columns. In most applications (e.g. SharePoint or Flow) this is not a problem, because we can query on a view which returns not all columns.


But PowerApps doesn't offer anything. Once a connection to a sharepoint list is made, it always returns all columns. So, no chance to avoid reaching the threshold.

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Is there any further info on this capability?  Would be a game changer for us!!




This is key feature that is currently needed. An update on this would be very uesfull. 

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This feature would be a lifesaver! Please please please.

Are there any updates?

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This development could also be used to also solve the 12 lookup column limit for SharePoint lists (similar to Power Automate). 

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Any updates on this. when we will get views in powerapps?

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It would probably be the most wanted update I ever waited for😫

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Even in power bi there is an experimetal feature that allows you to import list based on selected view