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WaitUntil and Sleep functions


  • WaitUntil function which accepts a boolean (true or false) value as the parameter and causes the app to wait until that boolean value is true
    • Example - Waiting until a patch is complete to navigate to a different screen
  • Sleep function which takes a time in milliseconds as the parameter and causes the app to sleep for that specified time

These two functions would be very helpful in a variety of situations and I believe they would positively impact the flow of my applications. 

Status: New
Level 8

Hi,  whle I agree a wait/sleep option would be ideal the way I get around this is to create a timer and then action the item I need doing next on the TimerEnd option.


This works for the sleep option but not wait as you have to experiment until you ge tthe timer duration right.  

Super User

Timer option doesn't help within a ForAll - I'm hitting API quota limits (submissions per second) - would be handy to have it wait even 1 second before processing the next record.

Right now I'm farming off a request to flow which responds after a 1 second wait time - what a waste of flow quota!