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Whatsapp integration into CRM Dynamics 365

Author Name: Connie Bosch
Good day, our company has been busy with a MS Dynamics 365 implementation for the last 2 years. Since 2016 we have been asking why does MS Dynamics not have a API into Whatsapp messenger considering that you have Facebook , LinkedIn etc but not Whatsapp. Considering that Whatsapp is used extensively worldwide. I find it amazing that Microsoft have not catered for an API into Whatsapp messenger . We need to know urgently (and have been asking for 2 years) if Microsoft intend to cater for this API or do we have to write our own ?
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I second that motion!


It would be a very usefull feature for several of our customers.

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I fully agree. 

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Hi guys


At Quickdialog ( we able to onboard clients onto the WhatsApp Business Program and integrate into MS Dynamics and other major CRM players. Let me know if this is of interest and we can connect for a demo! Many thanks, Alex