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When adding a flow to a button, don't delete the contents of OnSelect()



Currently, when you want to run a flow from a button it deletes the entire contents of the button's OnSelect method. If you have other code you would like to run in the OnSelect, it will be removed and replaced with only the method from your flow.




When adding a flow to a button, add the method from the flow to the beginning or end of the OnSelect method instead of removing everything and replacing it with the method.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

I'm surprised there are not more people bringing up this issue, it's really annoying! Also, when you add a Flow to your app, but not on a specific control, it deletes the "OnVisible" properties of the page you're on. I hope this gets some more votes and gets fixed soon! 

Level: Powered On

Voted.  This is really annoying.  You have to use "Undo" in order to get all of your previous code back.