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When uploading a file to SharePoint Library - auto-trigger the customized form in edit mode.

The customized Power Apps form seems to work perfectly in a SharePoint List, however I have several scenarios where a user is uploading a file to a Library.  I want the customized form to get triggered immediately so the user can fill in the form (details) fields - and based on all of the input from the user, I trigger a power automate workflow to carry out specific tasks and notifications. Old versions of SharePoint took you right into the edit form mode after loading the file, which is a seamless transition. The Online version is very inefficient for Libraries!  PLEASE consider making this a more efficient process for users by triggering the customized form!!!!

Users currently have to upload the file - then go back and edit the fields - then make sure to check in the file. And it's really not an intuitive process to edit the fields either. (right-click to choose Details) Shouldn't there be a button across the top to edit the form details, not just a button to open the file and make edits? (I realize there's an "edit in grid", but there's a reason why a form is built and should be available to be used)  PLEASE VOTE for this!!  Thanks!


@MrMeeseeks - in response to your recent post "PowerApps Form won't trigger on Submit in SharePoint Library"

Status: New