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White label PowerApps? Apply Enterprise Branding?

Ok, maybe not white label PowerApps in the true sense of publishing a branded app to Google Play, The Microsoft Store and the App Store, but since this is geared toward enterprises - how about something?


For starters, hiding the sample applications, dynamically adding our company logo to the PowerApps splash screen, use cpompany coloring and branding, etc - all after the first time the user logs in obviously.  They would still download 'PowerApps' application  from the stores, but after the first login, the company branding could be applied and it could look and behave just a bit better than it does now.


I think this would be a great value add.


-Eric Niemiec

Status: New
New Member


At the very least pinning the app to the home screen should be brandable and should not link back to power apps application. This way if we load it to a corp phone it would at least look like an actual app.