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Word / Office documents viewer control in PowerApps

Similar as this:

but for Word and other Office document, and with support for files stored in SharePoint and OneDrive.

Status: Planned

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Algunda novedad ??

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Any update on this feature? Do we have a release date yet on this?

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Hi @rc 

Just dropping a line to ask if there are any updates on this feature? Would be very useful for a few apps in development.


Thanks you.


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Same here. Big project coming up where this would be extremely useful. At least an update with an estimated time would be nice. On the other hand, if this is never going to be done it would be nice to know that too.

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We have been waiting for this for some time and gave up on waiting. Currently we are solving this in a way that if the document is not a PDF, it shows a message to the user saying that we can not display the document in the app but a link to the document is provided and it is opened in another browser tab. Fortunately over 90% of the documents we use for this purpose are pdf.

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Demo - PDF document displayed in PDF Viewer in PowerApps.JPG

I am finalized the development of a demo app and corrosonding blog that demostrates and describes in detail how you can view PDF, Word as well as PowerPoint documents all rendered within a PowerApp leveraging the PDF Viewer control.


Word and PowerPoint documents are converted at runtime to a PDF document, hence why these documents can be displayed within the PDF Viewer control.


Unfortunately whilst native PDF documents can at least be displayed directly within the app, if you need to prind the PDF document, the PDF document will still need to be opened in another web browser tab. Fortunately Word and PowerPoint documents converted to PDF documents at runtime can however be printed directly within the app in the PDF Viewer control.

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Be interested in seeing the demo app 

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Almost complete with the full demo showcasing all the functionality included in the app.


Have posted this one on YouTube a few weeks ago.


Subsequent to that demo I have now included the ability for users to search for any SPO site in their environment, view all document libraries including subfolders and view the high level history of the versions for any document (as you would see it in SPO) and various other subtle features. 


I’ve tested the app with PDF, Word, PowerPoint and photos, and these type of documents can all be viewed leverage the PDF Viewer Control. Other types, “maybe”. Any document can easily be downloaded.


Images are rendered at a highly optimizater compression rate, with the ability to download the original image / photo if so desired. 


In addition to all this functionality incorporated into the final version of the demo app is the ability to view Lists on the Site, inclusive of standard basic metadata for all lists, as well as a protype feature that displays any other custom metadata associated with any list (or Document Library for that matter). The protype in the demo app does not include handling more complex field type such as lookup columns (hence protype), however it does work with Text fields, Number fields Choice fields. 


All of this functionality has been implemented using “one” screen in app created in PowerApps. Associated to the app are 5 supporting Flows, 2 of which could easily be left out.


All those 2 “optional” Flows do is (first Flow) enables users to search for any site in SPO and (second Flow) enables users to view the version history for any document. These Flows are primarily included to showcase how much functionality could be potentially included in your Apps using the same techniques the demo app was created. 


All that with zero Connectors associated with the demo app. 


The final demo demo of the app should be completed this week, and the associated blog detailed how it was built probably some time next week. 


Will share all source code too 🙃.

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@MasterOffice365 Sounds brilliant, and look forward to the blog and source code when you ready.

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@MasterOffice365 Sounds brilliant and look forward to the blog and having a play with the source code when you have it ready.